Managing Committee

    The school has constituted the School Managing Committee “SMC” as per the norms of the government/CBSE consisting of fifteen (15) members.
    I still remember a time when the world didn’t fit in the palm of my hand. An entire generation today has no recollection of that. The world is suddenly very small, and yet the possibilities are limitless. Technology has allowed learning to be truly boundless. Nothing is out of reach anymore. Information, knowledge, instruction – every aspect of learning is now just a click or a tap away. And it is an extremely liberating experience.

    I am writing this on my tablet. Although typing is probably the more appropriate term, but you must forgive an old man’s affinities. What I am trying to assert is that today technology is poised to ensure that India truly embraces its status as the world’s largest democracy. Because technology powers knowledge, and empowered by knowledge every individual is equal.

    The duties, powers and responsibilities of the School Managing Committee shall be as follows:
  • o It has the power to supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning.

  • o It has to look into the welfare of the teachers and employees of the school.

  • o It has to evolve both short-term and long-term programmes for the improvement of the Associate school.

  • o It has the powers for making appointment of teachers and non-teaching staff.

  • o It has to ensure that the norms given in the Act of the State and by the CBSE regarding terms and conditions of service and other rules governing recognition/affiliation of the school are strictly adhered to.